Seeds and Bulbs

Plant Seeds and Bulbs in Garden

Growing flower seeds and bulbs is a simple and rewarding. Plant, grow and cut your own beautiful flowers in your garden, greenhouse, or indoors at home. Find endless types of flowers in all shapes and colors from our network of local and global sustainable farmers.

Landscaping made easy with a huge selection of wildflower seeds, flowers bulbs, perennials, seed packets, ornamental grasses, ferns, and berries. Grow beautiful blooms and have a gardening DIY project for every season. Quality. Varieties. Colors.

Send a seed packet and a bulb as a gift or order wholesale flowers online. Pro delivery. Wholesale seeds are usually sold in seed packets or bulb bags.

Below is our guide of different types of seeds and bulbs. Crops grown locally and around the world by the best eco friendly and sustainable flower farms. The best flowers are fresh flowers.

Types of Seeds and Bulbs