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Garden or hybrid fresh cut roses are flowering plants grown in farms and gardens for their long stems, beautiful blooms, and endless variety of colors.

Experience the world of roses and be inspired by the beauty of these majestic flowers.

Synonymous with romance and Valentine’s Day, colorful and elegant top quality roses are a luxurious indulgence that everyone can afford and should enjoy no matter what the occasion.

Order Flower Varieties by Name and Specific Grower

Study our catalog so that the next time you visit a local florist, floral supplier, or online shop, you can ask for and order flower varieties by name and specific grower.

Expression of Heartfelt Emotion

A rose is nature’s gift of an artistic expression of perfection. To send these beautiful flowers is to be amazed by the recipients expression of heartfelt emotion and love.

Freshness Guarantee

The best roses are always fresh roses. Demand a freshness guarantee, and only the finest grown blossoms. Consult our floral network for help and tips.

Rainbow of Assorted Colors

Source these amazing plants using our colorful catalog and guide. Find the perfect variety and learn the meaning behind every color. Uncover the passion and know-how that breeders put into selecting the next award winning rose variety. Choose from a collection of red, pink, white, purple, cream, orange, yellow, brown, green, and a rainbow of assorted colors, bicolors, and tinted roses.

Culture of Roses

The culture of roses is addicting and floriculture is thriving. Flower enthusiasts use our catalog to identify and only buy flowers from trustworthy top growers that meet and follow strict horticultural standards and only grow ornamental crops on environmentally sustainable farms.

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Types of Roses