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Ornamental plants are types of plants grown for decorative purposes. Ornamental plants are used in gardens and landscape design, as houseplants, and as cut flowers for florists. The cultivation of ornamental plants is called floriculture, and forms a major branch of horticulture.

Ornamental Plants - Fresh Cut Flowers

Ornamental Plants - Indoor Houseplants
Ornamental Plants - Landscape Garden Design

Ornamental Plants - Cut Flowers Houseplants Garden

Ornamental plants are used in gardens and for landscape design, as houseplants, and as cut flowers in floristry.


Backyard landscaping for ornamental gardens. Growing and cultivating plants and flowers as a hobby, for recreation, and to decorate a home with the beauty of nature.

House Plants

Indoor plants and flowers for the home and or the office. Houseplants for decorative and health purposes.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers from flowering plants for florist arrangements and supermarket bouquets.


Plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, and vines for landscape design and public gardens.

What are Ornamental Plants?

Ornamental plants are grown for their aesthetic features including: flowers, leaves, scent, overall foliage texture, fruits, stem and bark, and overall aesthetic shape. Sometimes unusual features are what make the plant ornamental. Their purpose is for the enjoyment of gardeners, visitors, public places, and as gift giving for special occasions.

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Plants used for ornamental purposes usually require the expertise of a gardener. For example plants cultivated for topiary and bonsai need specific know-how for pruning and plant care.

Plants as a Consumer Product

Many plants produce large clusters of flowers that flaunt impossible to resist old-world charm, and demand for ornamental plants has always been a part of human culture. The consumer appetite is not just for flowering plants but also for foliage plants. Plants as a consumer product are a multi-billion dollar industry. Different types of plants can be found in florist shops, grocery stores, and garden nurseries. The three main consumer product types for plants are: cut flowers, greenhouse grown house plants, and landscape gardening plants. Learn more…

Types of Ornamental Plants

Types of ornamental plants include:

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