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Growing hydrangea takes a lot of know-how to achieve the right quality. Planting Seasons. Pruning. Cutting. How to grow hydrangeas. Award winning flowers. Select, Premium, Extra, Jumbo, Antique, Vintage, Perfection. Modern selections come in enticing shades of white, cream, pink, blue, and red, and in lacecap and oakleaf shapes as well as the familiar mophead. The big, rounded flower clusters make handsome dried arrangements. Propagation techniques: Layering, dividing, and rooting softwood cuttings. Dip the other end in powdered rooting hormone; plant the cuttings in trays filled with a soilless mix and perlite. Cover with a plastic bag, and stash in a shady location, misting regularly to keep the leaf hydrated. After four weeks, tug on it to check for roots; once roots are developed, transplant to a bigger pot and feed with a slow-release fertilizer. By next spring, cuttings will be ready to go in the ground. Endless summer hydrangeas.

Planting, transplanting, and fertilizing.

Growing Hydrangea. How to prune. Grow. Trim. Propagate. When to Plant. Hardy. Seasons. Pruning. Cutting. How to grow hydrangeas. Award winning flowers. Seeds.

Growing Hydrangea. How to prune hydrangea. How to grow hydrangea. How to trim hydrangea. How to propagate hydrangea. How to plant hydrangea. When to prune hydrangeas. Hardy hydrangeas. Full sun hydrangea. When to plant hydrangeas. Where to plant hydrangea. Hydrangea cultivation is one of the most sustainable of cut flower crops, with minimal levels of energy and nutrient consumption.

Hydrangea Propagation

Hydrangea propagation can be achieved in different ways. The seeds may be surface sown in the greenhouse in spring. Also when the plant is large enough, seedlings can be outplanted into individual pots. Another method is softwood cuttings which may be rooted during the summer, as well as hardwood cuttings during fall and winter. Finally the mound layering method may be accomplished in the spring.

Hydrangea Pests and Diseases

Hydrangea pests and diseases. Some susceptibility occurs to honey fungus, bud blight, bacterial wilt, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. Aphids are occasional summer pests.

Hydrangea Flower Galleries

Browse our hydrangea flower galleries for floral design inspiration, landscape and gardening insights, to learn more about the different species, or to find the perfect variety and flower color for a wedding or special floral occasion.

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