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Hydrangea or Hortensia are any genus and variety of flowering plant within the Hydrangeaceae family. A living organism within the Kingdom Plantae scientific classification. Hydrangeas include flowering shrubs, trees, bushes, and climbing vine types of plants. These plants produce beautiful flowers in color combinations that range from lilac to purple to pink and more. Some hydrangea varieties have blue flowers,others white blooms, and most mophead plants can go through a maturing process that will give the blooms a second antique or classic color tone. Hydrangeas are a popular ornamental plant with consumers.

Popular hydrangea species include Oakleaf, Macrophylla, Paniculata, Arborescens, Quercifolia, Anomala, and Serrata. Different types of hydrangeas are grown for their large flower heads on sustainable farms. There are flower markets for hydrangeas that are grown as cut flowers for florists, potted for house plants, and sold in trays as landscape gardening plants.

Hydrangeas are emotions and their flowers are a means of expressing love, appreciation, celebrations, and sometimes even our sympathy.
Thankfully, hortensia flowers are an everyday indulgence of luxury that everyone can afford. Blooming hydrangeas bring happiness and lift the mood.

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers filled with stunning hydrangeas today. Better yet why not send a flowering hydrangea house plant and make someone smile. You don’t really need a special occasion… “just because”… that’s a good enough reason.

Life’s most inspiring and unforgettable moments are always filled with hydrangea flowers.™

Hydrangea Cut Flowers

Hydrangea Houseplants

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Hydrangea Flower Petals

Hydrangea Guide

How to plant, grow, and care for hydrangea shrubs, trees, and climbing bushes. Hydrangea cut flowers, houseplants, landscape gardening plants. Hydrangea guide for species, varieties, colors, flower shapes, find wholesale hydrangeas, floral design, flower delivery, growing, and everything about hortensia plants and flowers. Bouquets and arrangements. Almanac. White Flower Farm. Growing and pruning tips. Endless summer plant catalog and care guide.

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Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

Types of Hydrangeas

Hortensia plants produce large clusters of flowers that flaunt impossible to resist old-world charm. Plant breeders have created new and types of hydrangeas which have increased demand for these flowering ornamental plants from consumers, mainly through florist shops, grocery stores, and garden nurseries. The three main types of hydrangeas as consumer products are cut flowers, greenhouse grown house plants, and landscape garden plants.

Hydrangea Cut Flowers

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement

Perfect for any occasion, hydrangeas are the embodiment of high couture floral design. Hydrangea cut flowers the ultimate style statement in wedding flower decor and have become the inspiration of florists and floral design pros for elegant flower delivery service. Learn more

Hydrangea House Plants

Indoor Hydrangea House Plants

Houseplants make indoor gardening simple and are a real fashion statement. Hydrangea house plants not only decorate beautifully and have positive psychological effects on mood, but are also good for your health by keeping air fresh through plant purification. Learn more

Hydrangea Garden Plants

Landscaping Hydrangea Garden Plants

Great landscape design brings beautiful colors to your garden. The colors from hydrangea garden plants always stand out. Trees, shrubs, and bushes can be planted in the ground or in pots and provide abundant bouquets of flowering blooms. Learn more

Hydrangea Species

There are six main hydrangea species that include shrubs, bushes, trees, houseplant, cut flower, garden, and climbing types of plants. The most popular cultivars are: Macrophylla (Bigleaf, French, and Endless Summer garden hydrangeas). Serrata (Mountain. Smaller more compact flowers and leaves and cultivated as attractive ornamental shrubs).Arborescens Annabelle (Smooth. Native smooth and sweet scented hydrangeas). Quercifolia (Oakleaf and Snow Queen hydrangeas. Single or Double Blossom). Paniculata Grandiflora (Panicled Pee Gee hydrangeas). Anomala Petiolaris (Climbing hydrangeas).

Hydrangea Species

Macrophylla Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Macrophylla Plant

Arborescens Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Arborescens Plant

Quercifolia Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Flowering Plant

Paniculata Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Paniculata Plant

Anomala Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Anomala Plant

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

Hydrangea Varieties

All combined the different flower species genus can be categorized into more than 600 hydrangea varieties.

Varieties of hydrangeas include: Endless Summer. Bobo. Limelight. Fire and Ice. Bloomstruck. Blushing Bride. Bombshell. Glowing Embers. Summer Beauty. Cityline. Annabelle. Bloom Time. Forever and Ever. Deadhead. Alice. Mojito. Hayes Starburst. Blue Curacao. Magical Ruby Red. Bogotana. Amethyst. Mystical Emerald. Kiwi. White Swan. Antique Rose. Classic Sister Therese. Blue Moon. Penny Mac. Nikko Blue. Incrediball.

Hydrangea Varieties

Blushing Bride Macrophylla Variety

Hydrangea Blushing Bride Mophead

Wee Oakleaf Variety

Oakleaf Hydrangea Pee Wee

Limelight Paniculata Variety

Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight

Annabelle Arborescens Variety

Arborescens Hydrangea Annabelle

Nikko Blue Mophead Variety

Macrophylla Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangea Flower Shapes

The different shapes and sizes of the flowering heads on hortensia plants vary by species and variety, but the three main types of hydrangea flower shapes are Mophead hydrangeas, Lacecap Hydrangeas, and Panicle Hydrangeas.

Mophead Hydrangeas

Mophead Hydrangea

Mophead Hydrangeas – Have a half globe shaped flower cluster and are the most commonly recognized form of hortensia blooms.

Lacecap Hydrangeas

Lacecap Hydrangea

Lacecap Hydrangeas – Have flattened cluster of what appear to be tiny, immature flower buds that are then surrounded on the edges by typically 4 to 5 flower petals.

Panicle Hydrangeas

Panicle Hydrangea

Panicle Hydrangeas – Have a long and somewhat cone shaped flower cluster. This is more pronounced in the Quercifolia or Oakleaf species of hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Colors

Hydrangea colors are truly impossible to fully catalog because the blooms on the hortensia plants can actually change color. These flowering plants are unique as in that the color of hydrangea blooms can be manipulated by the levels of acidity and aluminum in the soil in which they are planted. The flower colors, hues, and tones with white, blue, red, green, pink, purple, lavender, lilac, violet, cream, and raspberry in the range. The hydrangea flower petals can also be tinted different colors and even painted when dried. There is also a natural process where when left on the plant longer the blooms create antique looking or classic heirloom variations of the original petal colors.

Hydrangea Colors

Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangea Flowers

White Hydrangeas

White Hydrangea Flowers

Antique Hydrangeas

Antique Hydrangea Flowers

Purple Hydrangeas

Purple Hydrangea Flowers

Pink Hydrangeas

Pink Hydrangea Flowers

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

Growing Hydrangeas

Growing hydrangeas takes a lot of know-how to achieve the right quality. Depending on the variety you pick and where it is planted, the flowering season for hydrangeas occurs anywhere from the late spring through summer, and sometimes into the fall. Follow our planting guide by season and zone. Pruning. Cutting. How to grow hydrangeas. Planting, transplanting, and fertilizing. Propagation techniques: Layering, dividing, and rooting softwood cuttings.

Growing Hydrangea

Hydrangea Care

How to care for hydrangeas. Hydrangea care is important. Pruning hydrangeas. Cut hydrangeas care. Brown spots on hydrangeas leaves. How to care for hydrangeas. Care for Hydrangeas. One of the most common gardening questions is “When should I prune my hydrangeas?”. Planting Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Care

All About Hydrangeas

If you want to learn all about hydrangeas you have come to the right place. These magnificent flowering plants are delight to grow and care for. Flower-Grower ® is dedicated to cataloging under hundreds of resource pages the different varieties of these magnificent flowers. You can also learn more and evencontribute your knowledge when you join the conversations in our hydrangeas forum. Our forums are filled with pro flower growers, florists, plant breeders, and regular flower garden enthusiasts from around the world who are happy to contribute their know-how, give tips, and share insights. Facts. Hydrangea Society. Dried Hydrangeas. FAQ’s.

All About Hydrangeas

Where Can I find Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas flowers can be found for sale as fresh cut flowers at your local florist or retail flower shop. You will also find flowering ornamental potted hortensia plants in grocery stores and DIY centers. Also other varieties of hortensia trees, bushes, and shrubs are often in stock at your local plant nursery or garden center. Bulk hydrangeas can be found at regional wholesale flower market or direct from a hydrangeas farm. Availability.

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

Hydrangeas are Perfect for Flower Delivery

Hydrangeas are perfect for flower delivery. A gift of beautiful hydrangeas flowers will trigger happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, and will bring smiles to people. Hortensia blooms are symbolic with love, romance, and special occasions. Always look to buy the best blooms from top sustainable flower growers. Send a fresh cut hydrangeas flowers arrangement today and make someone smile. Consider lovely hydrangeas for your next flower occasion.

Hydrangea Flower Delivery

Hydrangea Floral Designs

Using the best flowers in hydrangea floral designs. Their blooms are perfect for making huge bouquets of clustered flowers. Arrangements. Centerpieces. Wedding Flowers. Floral design innovation. Floral design inspiration with hydrangeas. Bridal flowers. Event decoration with flowers. One of a kind luxury flower delivery ideas using unique varieties and floral colors and tones.

All About Hydrangea Flowers

Landscaping with Hydrangeas

No garden is complete until it has at least one hydrangeas. Make your garden beautiful by landscaping with hydrangeas. They are stunning woody landscape plants with enormous flowering heads. Landscape design ideas that will make your garden the envy of all your neighbors. Ideal for hedges and borders. Hardy Plants. Proven winners.

Hydrangeas Flower Galleries

Browse our hydrangeas flower galleries for floral design inspiration, landscape and gardening insights, to learn more about the different species, or to find the perfect variety and flower color for a wedding or special floral occasion.

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