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Flower are a means of expressing love and appreciation.

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A flower is an expression of love and emotion. Buying or receiving a flower triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, brings smiles to people, and affects social behavior in a positive manner. Symbolic with love, romance, special occasions. Buy best blooms from top growers. Give fresh cut flower arrangements. Send smiles. Find happy emotions. Flowers are emotions.

The best blooms or blossoms are art and have long been admired and grown for their beauty. Symbolic with emotions and love, they have become objects of romance, ritual, religion, medicine, perfume, and even fashion and color trends. Floral is the most popular form of gift giving. Worldwide billions of flowering plants are grown for the enjoyment of consumers by the way of fresh-cut flowers, ornamental potted plants, as well as seeds and bulbs for gardening.

Flowers Trigger Happy Emotions

Flowers are Emotions


The Best Flowers are Fresh Flowers

Being perishable and with a limited vase life, a flower will eventually wilt, so top quality, freshness guarantees, and excellent cold chain management are essential components for providing the absolute best consumer floral experience, the longest lasting flowers, and for earning more future repeat customers. The best flowers are fresh flowers.

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Flowers are Fashion

Luxury Etiquette defines floral giving as the ultimate fashion statement. Just like handbags and couture clothing, blooms follow and set fashion and color trends. Breeding and innovation ensure a constant flow of new varieties and colors. Flowers are fashion.

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Fresh FlowersFresh Cut
Flower GrowerFloriculture Worldwide
Research Laboratory New Flower Varieties Breeding and Innovation

Floral Designs for Arrangements and BouquetsArt with Flowers and Plants
Types of BloomsTypes of Flowers
Flower Colors that Match DecorColors of the Rainbow

Fresh Cut

Fresh cut floral products.

Floriculture Worldwide

Floriculture is the business of agriculture that involves flora. Major centers of floral production are: Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, California, and Kenya. Floriculture and growers are a worldwide business.

Breeding and Innovation

Biotechnology. New varieties and colors are the result of science. Breeding and Innovation for flowering and potted plants. Floral Science Research Laboratory. New Flower Varieties and Colors. Pest and Diseases. Environmentally friendly solutions. Propagation, budding, and grafting. Seeds and Bulbs. Breeding and innovation are essential components of competitive advantage and productivity, and fashion trends. Quality.

Art with Floral and Plants

Art with Flowers and Plants. Floral Designer. Imagination and creativity to design beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. Modern centerpiece ideas. Colors motivate impulse purchases. Floral products are enjoyed as fresh cut, as ornamental potted plants, and as seeds and bulbs for gardening. The business of floriculture.

Types of Flowers

Types of flowers and potted plants. Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, Stephanotis, Sweet Peas, Gardenia, Daisy, Sunflower, Aster, Gerbera, Hyacinth, Peony, Daffodils, Carnation, Alstroemeria, Orchids, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Calla, Magnolia, Lotus, Gladiola, Iris. Quality of blooms is an art and a combination between breeders and the know-how of the best agronomers to produce outstanding blooms and award winning varieties.

Colors of the Rainbow

Blooming and Potted Plants in All Colors of the Rainbow. Love comes in all hues and colors, and so do wedding bouquet flowers that perfectly match your decor.

Floral Need Special Care

Proper post harvest methods, cutting edge supply chain management, and an unbroken cold-chain from grower to consumer can guarantee freshness, quality, and longevity. Quality is an art and a combination between breeders and the know-how of the best agronomers to produce outstanding blooms and award winning varieties.

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