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A collective of environmentally sustainable hydrangea farms from around the globe, working together to grow seasonally fresh and top quality hydrangea flowers and hydrangea plants in the latest colors, varieties, and styles. An award winning group of experienced and passionate hydrangea growers committed to delivering the freshest, prettiest, largest, and longest lasting hortensia blooms.

Hydrangea Farms grow emotions or the flowers which are a means of expressing love, appreciation, celebrations, and sometimes even our sympathy.

Thankfully, fresh cut hydrangea flowers are an everyday indulgence of luxury that everyone can afford.

Hydrangea flowers symbolize heartfelt emotion and apology, as well as boastfulness and vanity. Get yourself a bouquet of hydrangea flowers today. Better yet why not send some lacecap hydrangeas and make someone smile. You don’t really need a special occasion… “just because”… that’s a good enough reason.

The most beautiful hydrangea flowers grown on sustainable farms for life’s most inspiring and unforgettable moments.™

Hydrangea Farms
Growing Hydrangeas

Growing Plants and Flowers on Hydrangea Farms

Hydrangea flower growers are committed to breeding, growing, and distributing the highest quality fresh cut flowers. Our growers are visionary in the development of new and exiting varieties and colors of hydrangeas. The best hydrangea farms grow the blooms in greenhouses to protect from diseases, keep steady temperatures and humidity, and ensure a consistent flower quality you can trust. Our farm collective grows superior fresher blooms that mark the standard of excellence for fresh cut flowers and plants.

Sustainable Hydrangea Farms

Membership in our collective is strictly limited to eco-friendly and sustainable hydrangea farms that respect the environment, social and employee welfare, and are committed to innovative and efficient farming techniques. The members of our farm collective surpass the International Social and Environmental Standards set for sustainable cut flower, plant, and foliage production.

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Maximum Vase Life of Hydrangea

Only correct handling by a farm can ensure the maximum vase life of hydrangea flowers. Our collective of hydrangea farms optimize the post harvest care of hydrangeas through best practices, proprietary know-how, and continuous farming innovation. By implementing the latest techniques in agriculture technology and post harvest nutrition farmers carefully pack the flowers which remain in a dormant stage throughout the distribution process. The end result are the longest lasting hydrangea flowers that consumers can enjoy.

Flower Delivery from Hydrangea Farms

Flower delivery from hydrangea farms is easy. Whether you source from locally grown seasonal regional farms or from global producers of exotic blooms, flower markets will only have on display the top quality hydrangea that have followed best practices. The distribution of fresh cut flowers is best through our worldwide network of authorized florists, wholesale flower distributors, and supermarket floral shops. Our collective adhere to strict and proprietary standards of refrigerated supply chain management. Combining world class growing, storage, and distribution infrastructure to guarantee an unbroken cold chain from flower field to vase. Ensuring that the consumer enjoys the ultimate experience of fresher longer lasting flowers. Learn More…

Quality Flowers from the Best Hydrangea Farms

Members of our collective of hydrangea flower growers always follow the strictest standards of quality assurance and grading consistency, ensuring quality flowers from the best hydrangea farms. Selecting, grading, and distributing only the best varieties of hydrangea from a select collective of flower growers with a reputation for integrity and excellence.

Hydrangea Types

Hortensia’s are plants that produce flowers which flaunt impossible to resist old-world charm. New and different hydrangea types have created an increasing demand for these pretty flowering ornamental plants, from the consumer, mainly through florist shops, grocery stores, and garden nurseries.

Hydrangea Cut Flowers

Perfect for any occasion, hydrangeas are the embodiment of high couture floral design. Hydrangea cut flowers are the ultimate style statement in wedding flower decor, and the macrophylla cultivar has become the inspiration of florists for elegant flower delivery service. Learn more…

Hydrangea House Plants

Houseplants make indoor gardening simple and are a real fashion statement. Hydrangea house plants not only decorate beautifully, have positive psychological effects on mood, and are good for your health by keeping air fresh through purification. Learn more…

Hydrangea Garden Plants

Great landscape design brings beautiful colors to your garden. The well known pink, white, purple, and blue color hues from hydrangea garden plants and flowers always stand out. They can be planted in the garden or in pots and provide abundant bouquets of flowering blooms. Learn more…

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Hydrangea Species

There are six main hydrangea species that include shrubs, bushes, trees, houseplant, cut flower, garden, and climbing types of plants. The most popular hydrangea cultivars are:

Macrophylla (Bigleaf, French and Endless Summer garden hydrangeas). Errata (Mountain. Smaller more compact flowers and leaves and cultivated as attractive ornamental shrubs). Arborescens Annabelle (Smooth. Native smooth and sweet scented hydrangeas). Quercifolia (Oakleaf and Snow Queen hydrangeas). Paniculata Grandiflora (Panicled Pee Gee hydrangeas). Anomala Petiolaris (Climbing hydrangeas).

Hydrangea Species

Hydrangea Varieties

All combined the different flower species genus can be categorized into more than 600 hydrangea varieties.

Varieties of hydrangeas include: Endless Summer. Bobo. Limelight. Fire and Ice. Bloomstruck. Blushing Bride. Bombshell. Glowing Embers. Summer Beauty. Cityline. Annabelle. Bloom Time. Forever and Ever. Deadhead. Alice. Mojito. Hayes Starburst. Blue Curacao. Magical Ruby Red. Bogotana. Amethyst. Mystical Emerald. Kiwi. White Swan. Antique Rose. Classic Sister Therese. Blue Moon. Penny Mac. Nikko. Harlequin. Raspberry Ravel. Blue Billow. Red Cardinal. Blaumeise. Blue Deckle. White Snowflake. Pinky Winky, and many more.

Hydrangea Varieties

Hydrangea Flower Shapes

The different shapes and sizes of the flowering heads on hortensia plants vary by species and variety, but there are three main types of hydrangea flower shapes:

1. Mophead Hydrangea – Have a half globe shaped flower cluster and are the most commonly recognized form of hydrangea blooms. 2. Panicle Hydrangea –  Have a long and somewhat cone shaped flower cluster. This is more pronounced in the Quercifolia or Oakleaf species of hydrangeas. 3. Lacecap Hydrangea – Have flattened cluster of what appear to be tiny, immature flower buds that are then surrounded on the edges by typically 4 to 5 flower petals.

Mophead Hydrangea
Lacecap Hydrangea
Panicle Hydrangea

Hydrangea Colors

Hydrangea colors are truly impossible to fully catalog because the blooms on the hortensia plants can actually change color. These flowering plants are unique as in that the color of hydrangea blooms can be manipulated by the levels of acidity and aluminum in the soil in which they are planted. The flower colors,  hues, and tones vary with white, blue, red, green, pink, purple, lavender, lilac, violet, cream, and raspberry in the range. The hydrangea flower petals can also be tinted different colors and even painted when dried. There is also a natural process where when left on the plant longer the blooms create antique looking or classic heirloom variations of the original petal colors.

Hydrangea Colors

Hydrangea Flowers Trigger Happy Emotions

Buying or receiving hydrangea flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, brings smiles to people, and affects social behavior in a positive manner. Hortensia blooms are symbolic with love, romance, special occasions. Always look to buy the best blossoms from top sustainable growers. Send a fresh cut hydrangea flower arrangement today and make someone smile.

All About Hydrangea

All About Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea or Hortensia are a variety of flowering plants. Included are shrubs, trees, bushes, and climbing hydrangeas. Guide to everything about hydrangea plants and flowers. Learn more…

Hydrangea Varieties

Hydrangea Varieties of Flowers

Hydrangea don’t just grow blue and there are many varieties that bloom in different colors. Hydrangea flower colors can also be found with bicolor variations and blended petal colors. Learn more…

All About Flowers

All About Hydrangea Flowers

Flowers are a means of expressing love, appreciation, celebrations, and sometimes even our sympathy. Flowers and plants are an everyday indulgence of luxury that everyone can afford. Learn more…

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