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Tulips from Holland

Tulips | Tulipanes de Holanda

When people think about Dutch flowers the first thing that usually comes to mind are beautiful tulips from Holland. Tulips are cultivated all over the Netherlands in great fields of beautiful color. This curvaceous and colorful flower is an elegant and popular top seller.

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History of Tulips

Originating in Turkey and cultivated by the Ottoman Empire, tulips were brought to Holland in the sixteenth century. Carolus Clusius wrote a book on tulips in 1592 that became so popular that bulbs were often stolen from his garden. The demand for tulips grew into what became known as the Dutch Golden Age. Tulips became popular in paintings and festivals and in the mid-seventeenth century tulips were so popular that they created the first economic bubble, known as “Tulip Mania”. Tulip flower bulbs became so expensive that they were used as money until the market finally crashed.

Tulips from Holland

Tulips from Holland or Dutch tulips as the are often referred as, where originally imported to the Netherlands in the sixteenth century from the Ottoman Empire.  Tulips became popular at festivals and in paintings, and tulip bulbs have been commercially grown in Holland ever since. Today, Holland is still known for its tulips and so many other flowers, and is often affectionately called the “flower shop of the world.”


The Keukenhof is an outstanding botanical garden in Holland. It has the worlds largest tulip gardens. Award winning landscaping designed with all types of flowers, varieties, and colors. 

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