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Farm Direct Supermarket Flowers

Farm Direct Supermarket Flowers

Farm Direct Supermarket Flowers

Farm Direct Supermarket Flowers. As supermarket floral departments have evolved, and consumers purchases of flowers and plants have become more regular the challenges of how to boost impulse purchases of flowers are still an ongoing proposition. Merchandising flowers is not something left for the feeble.

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The Business of Supermarket Flowers and Plants

Over the past 20 years supermarket sales of ornamental crops have increased and with this growth new generations of flower and plant lovers have been born. The future of flowers looks bright.

Floral departments inside supermarkets have evolved as the top executives of the largest food retailers in the world have realized that selling flowers can be a very lucrative and profitable business.

The size and sophistication of the average supermarket floral department has grown.

The Art of the Impulse Buy

Supermarkets are mastering the art of the impulse purchase. They have become experts at generating impulse purchases, which in the case of fresh cut flower bouquets can account for as much as 80 percent of supermarket floral sales at some of the larger chains. The art of the impulse buy is especially hard when the product is perishable and has a short shelf life. There are so many factors that come in to forecasting the right product mix and quantities to successfully meet or exceed a stores budgeted sale projections.

Ultimate Goal for a Supermarket Floral Department

The ultimate goal for a supermarket floral department is for floral products to be a part of the consumers weekly shopping list, and in so decrease the dependence of overall sales on impulse buyers. But doing this is easier said than done and it often means increased investment in the floral department in terms of staff and special services.

Mass Markets are Not a Specialist Floral Retailer

Mass markets are not a specialist floral retailer and to cross the fine line and focus of merchandising volume sales of farm made flower bouquets and plants, and begin to offer specialty services similar to those done by high-end retail florists is something that a supermarket:  1. cannot easily accomplish, 2. might not be a smart value proposition in terms of product turnover, and 3. can ultimately hurt floral department profits. Flower arranging, event decorating, luxury centerpieces, and wire service and flower delivery are best left to the retail florist. A supermarket floral department is and entirely different kind of flower shop and their opportunities for capturing increased purchases from weekly shoppers come down to how well they are merchandising flowers and plants.

How to Merchandise Flowers

Having a service oriented floral operation is important, but realistically the business model of supermarkets is not the same as that of a specialized retail florist. The definition of full-service at a mass market is very different. To some degree there needs to  be in store plant care and merchandising to insure happy repeat customers. How to merchandise flowers successfully without the full-time attention of dedicated staff is what sets floral departments at different supermarket brands apart from each other.

  1. General personnel must be have basic knowledge and training in handling floral tasks. Staff are not there to make an arrangement, or wrap a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  2. Merchandising should be geared toward a DIY flower shopper.
  3. Customer expectations should be clear. No confusion.
  4. Posted instructions and clear pop signage.
  5. Floral department design must be user friendly and inviting.
  6. First  impression is everything.
  7. A  great and assorted selection of flowers, plants, and gift supplies in various styles and colors.
  8. Ready for every occasion.
  9. The floral department should be able to give customers something to choose from.
  10. Pricing and product names should be clear and easy to understand.
  11. All categories of floral should be represented including silk, dried flowers, and gift baskets.
  12. Foliage and blooming plants should be elegantly displayed on tables and shelves.

As supermarket floral departments continue to grow and become more sophisticated in their offerings, the need to compete directly with local retail florists will arise. Here lies the danger of crossing into floral business services outside of your core strength. Knowing what you are good and being the best at it will always reap bigger rewards than trying to be the master of all trades. Becoming a full-service floral department requires training, experience, dedicated personnel, and a huge commitment to customer service outside of the boundaries offered by todays traditional supermarkets. Extra services might enhance a supermarket floral department’s profits, but only if a supermarket steers a carefully planned course.

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