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Specialty Cut Flower Growers

Specialty cut flower growers are passionate about producing the highest quality flowers, foliage, greenery, branches, berries, and floral fruits, while following sustainable farming methods and eco friendly standards. Ornamental plant farmers specialize on growing reliable, longer stem flowers, larger blooms, and varieties that guarantee an increased vase life. These types of flowers are specially grown for florists, wedding planners, and floral bouquet makers using varieties and colors that follow the latest fashion and style trends. Modern floriculture is all about growing for market, but growing flowers commercially is also very much about social and environmental responsibility.

Equipment needed for flower farming. the uses, desirability, cultivation, and handling. production, handling, and marketing of specialty cut floral crops. heated greenhouse for early season crops. Drip irrigation in the greenhouse beds. Nutrients are added to the soil. Flowers are picked before the buds open to avoid damage during transport. Seed plugs are set in small pots and then transplanted. Grow popular cut flowers. Filler flowers. Green leaves. Purple flowers with a wonderful scent.Bouquet of the week. Special wedding orders. Week by week flower availability during the growing season.

Challenges include weeds, consistently finding good workers, occasional equipment malfunctions and deer. steam jenny – like a steam gun used in automotive cleaning – to sterilize soils to kill weed seeds and root rot fungi. Manure mixed with plant material t produce compost and added to the garden beds.

Growing Flowers

Growing cut flower for profit is nothing like home gardening. Managing a flower farm successfully requires know how and dedication and the ability to produce consistent quality and availability.Floriculture is continuously evolving and learingin how to grow cut flowers involves desirability, cultivation, handling, production, and marketing.

High intensity production techniques. Weeds, insects, and disease. Succession planting, soil preparation, landscape fabric, seed starting, bouquet planning and much more. Lean Farming. Plant spacing. Steps. Resource management with an eye for the environment. A flower farming renaissance. Flower growing stages. Life cycle. Growing, cutting, and conditioning flowers for arrangements. Hydration solution.

Specialty Cut Flower Growers - Floral Farm

Specialty Cut Flower Farm

Specialty Cut Flower Growers - Sustainable Farming

Specialty Cut Flower Growers - Floriculture

Specialty cut flower growers are passionate about producing quality flowers, foliage, branches, and greenery on socially and environmentally responsible farms.

Popular Specialty Cut Flowers

Types of flowers. Popular cut flowers. Roses. Hydrangeas. Tulips. Orchids. 

Flower Farming

The benefits of flower farming affects so many levels

Sustainable Farming
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Resource Management
  • Pest Management
  • Disease Management
  • Chain of Life
  • Eco Flowers
  • Stewardship of the Land
  • Greenhouse Farming
  • Outdoor Farming
  • Farming Techniques
  • Post Harvest Care
  • Breeding New Varieties
  • Innovation
Growing for Market
  • Types of Flowers
  • Floral Marketing
  • Flower Research
  • Global Markets
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Flower Occasions
  • Floral Trends
Floral Marketing
  • Online Flowers
  • Green Ecolabels
  • Wholesale Growers Market
  • Floral Procurement
  • Flower Auctions
  • Farmers Markets
  • Farm Made Bouquets
Growing Movements
  • Origin
  • Homegrown Local Flowers
  • American Grown Flowers
  • The British Collective
  • Field to Vase
  • Cut Flower Care
  • Freshness and Longevity

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

What are Specialty Cut Flower Growers?

Specialty cut flower growers are passionate about producing quality flowers, foliage, branches, and greenery on socially and environmentally responsible farms.

Types of Flowers

Types of flowers: alstroemeria, amaranth, andromeda, anemone, amaryllis, anthurium, artichoke, aster, banksia, bells of Ireland, birds of paradise, bouvardia, bupleurum, calla lily, celosia, craspedia, carnations, chrysanthemum, cymbidium, daffodil, dahlia, delphinium, dianthus, disbuds, echinops, freesia, gerbera daisy, ginger, gladiolus, gloriosa, godetia, gypsophila, heather, heliconia, hyacinth, hydrangea, hypericum, iris, larkspur, liatris, lilies, lily of the valley, lisianthus, kangaroo paw, limonium, lisianthus, lotus, lupine, mums, orchids, peony, pompons, protea, queen anne’s lace, ranunculus, roses, snapdragon, statice, stephanotis, stock, sunflowers, sweet pea, tansy, trachelium, tulips, yarrow, verbena, veronica, viburnum, waxflower, zinnia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Biodiversity Conservation. Stewardship of the land when it comes to flower farming. Sustainable practices for growing breathtaking flowers. Knowledge of the domestic origin of the flowers being brought home or given as gifts. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Horticulture. Growers and Breeders. Growers Direct Flowers. Direct to Retail Flowers. U Pick Flowers. Seeds.

Cut Flower Production

Indoor vs. Outdoor. Heated. Seasons. Challenges. What to grow. Geography. Climate. Sunlight. Chain of life. improve the quality, longevity, and profitability of floral crops including specific production, harvest, postharvest care.

Greenhouse Grown Cut Flower Production

Greenhouse Cut Flower Production

Flower beds. Greenhouse cut flower production.

Outdoor Growning - Cut Flower Production

Outdoor Cut Flower Production

Outdoor cut flower production. Growing Zones.

Consistency and Availability - Cut Flower Production

Cut Flower Consistency and Availability

Organizing product consistency and availability for the wholesale market can be challenging. Distance to market. Transportation. Perishability.

Steps to Grow Cut Flowers

Market Research. Know what to grow. Flower IQ. Seeds. Catalogs.

Trends. Plant for colors and sizes. Seasonal demand. Availability and consistency. Holidays.

Location. Sunlight. Shade. Soil. Water source. Compost and Manure.

When to plant. Spacing. Sowing flower seeds. Irrigation.

Growing for Market

Growing for market. Floristry. Grocery Stores. Occasions. Weddings. We carry bulk flowers, farm-made bouquets, consumer bunches and combo boxes.

Types of Cut Flower Growers

There are different types of cut flower growers. Fresh. Woody Stem. Bulb. What to grow. Possible crops for wholesaling include a long stem and an additional bud at the top as a design feature; delphiniums, which are expensive to ship, because they have to be shipped upright; alstroemeria, which would need to be grown in a marginally heated greenhouse; it drops a lot of its leaves in shipping; and lisianthus. Main staples. Fillers. Focal Flowers. Topical flowers. Greens.


Growing fresh flowers.

Woody Stem

Growing woody stem flowers.


Growing bulb flowers.

Marketing Cut Flowers

Marketing cut flowers and adding value through bouquets, arrangements, and more. Supply chain. Growers. Importers. Distributors. Wholesalers. Mass Marketers. Retail Florists. Online Retailers. Farmer Markets. Growing markets. Per capita consumption. Occasions. Just because. We carry bulk flowers, farm-made bouquets, consumer bunches and combo boxes.

Floral Sales - Specialty Cut Flowers

Flower Sales

Wholesaling, which is built on relationships, may be easier in more rural areas that are distant from brokers. Trust. Consumer Experience. Quality. Online Trading. Diversification. Pricing. Commodity. Highs and lows. Law of Averages. Credits. Spoilage.

Floral Management - Specialty Cut Flowers

Floral Management

Latest varieties. Trends. Colors. Assortment. Growing Almanac. Flower Holidays. Perishable. FIFO. Barcoding. Supply Chain Speed. Logistics. Cold Chain. Information systems. Shipping flowers by FedEx or UPS, in florists’ boxes, may be cheaper than delivering them yourself. Social and environmental.

Floral Technology - Specialty Cut Flowers

Floral Technology

Floral Technology. Specialty Cut Flowers. Digital Innovation. Online Trading. e-Commerce. Wholesale Flowers. Inventory. Auction Sales. Flower Prices. Farm Direct.

Flower Delivery

One of the hardest aspects of growing cut flowers is the perishable nature of the product and that time to market is an important factor. Farm to Vase. Grower to Buyer. Farm Direct. Supply chain management. Cold Chain. Post harvest care.

Global Floral Logistics

Shipping Cut Flowers Worldwide

Worldwide network of flower growers.

Cold Chain of Life

Cold Chain of Life - Fresh Cut Flowers

Vase life. improve the quality, longevity, and profitability of floral crops including specific production, harvest, postharvest care.

Floral Farm Innovation - Specialty Cut Flowers

Farm to Vase Delivery

Farm direct programs. Farm to vase delivery.

Floriculture Innovation

Innovation in floriculture. Breeding. New Cultivars. Machinery. Varieties. Breeding. Propagation. Online digital technology and e-commerce. Temperature and Box Tracking. Transportation. Packaging. Fertilizers. Diseases. Pesticides. Post harvest Solutions. Cutting Stage. Cold Chain. Imporving working conditions. Automation.

The Global Floral Industry

The floral industry is global. Growing regions across the world. Biggest exporters. Collaboration. Globalization.

Cut Flower Associations

North America
  • CCFC -California Cut Flower Commission
  • Mass Flower Growers Association
  • Michigan Cut Flower Growers
  • AFIF
  • SAF
  • TSNN
Latin America
  • Asocolflores
  • The British
  • Dutch
Rest of the World
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia

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