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Flower Types: Roses

Flower Types Roses

Flower Types Roses

Flower Types Roses. Also known as Rosa. A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family Rosaceae, or the flower it bears. There are over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars.

About Roses

How to plant, grow, and care for roses. Grandiflora. Floribunda. Climbing Roses. What rose species and cultivars of roses exist? The difference in rose flowers and bloom shapes and sizes. What roses are fragrant? Which roses are best for gardening. Rosacea. How many petals does a rose have? How do you make a rose stem thick and hearty?  Do all roses have thorns? Who are the best rose growers around the world? Which rose farms do we recommend?

Types of Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses. Garden Roses. Spray Roses. Mini Roses. Heirloom Roses. Antique Roses.

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Types of Flowers

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Find Roses

Use our network to find roses from a florist near you, from a flower wholesaler, or from a sustainable rose flower farm.

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