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Retail Floral Arrangement Display

Retail Floral Arrangement Display

Retail Floral Arrangement Display

Retail Floral Arrangement Display. How to Merchandise Flowers. Boosting impulse purchases of flowers.

Boosting Floral Impulse Purchases

Use of Color to Create Eye Catching Displays

Trends come and go but color and color combinations play a critical part in marketing and the the ability to draw the consumers attention. Flowers need to be displayed properly for better eye and sales appeal. Create appealing displays by grouping items according to color and variety. Mixing several colors of the same item in a display often looks cheap and sloppy. The color of display counters are also important and should not clash or draw the eye away from the flowers.

Use Themes to Create Interest in Unusual Floral Products

Movements like “Earth Day” and “Save the Planet” are good excuses to showcase unusual floral products around a specific theme. Setting up an eco friendly display can bring  benefits beyond simply sale of plants and flowers. Great theme displays are influential in getting people to buy more flowers and plants. The use of appropriate pots and containers is also important in tying up the theme. Arrangements in the same theme colors as those used in store display allow the consumer to take home the spirit of the celebration.

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Not all Floral Items Should be Gift Looking

Some of your floral items on display should feel undecorated and attract consumers who are buying for themselves. Not all flowers and plants are sold as gifts. People also like to shop for themselves and for home use. Giving your customers the choice of buying something and you will see that this will stimulate people who don’t normally buy flowers and plants for themselves.

Some Displays Should Emphasize Special Products

A bride to be may not be thinking about floral arrangements yet for their wedding, but a display emphasizing wedding flowers quickly changes that. For example the use of mannequins dressed in bridal attire have been very successful in attracting brides who hadn’t thought of having a particular store do their flowers.

Change Displays Often so Consumers are Drawn in Each Week

Creating floral displays that looks new and different to the consumers each week is crucial to capturing the impulse buy. Don’t just change your flowers and colors from one week to the next, also reposition items and displays in different places. This gives a fresh appearance, peak peoples interest, and encourages them to come back each week to see what is new and exiting. Good floral variety is important.

Flexibility to Change Display that Don’t Create the Sales

Sometimes just changing just one or two elements of  a floral design might just be enough to boost sales when a display original message fails. It only takes a few moments but sometimes changing just a few flowers might end up making all the difference.

Customer Service and Properly Trained Personnel

Always have someone near that can provide information and assistance. Floral knowledge is important and is ofter the difference wether a would-be buyers makes a purchase or not. When someone is available to offer advice, shoppers are more likely to take something home.

A Friendly and Comfortable Atmosphere that Encourage Browsing

A casual layout of floral displays with plenty of space to move around often invites more potential buyers. Displays should be easy to see and browse around. Customers need to be comfortable in the area, or they won’t stay long enough to make a selection.

Quality Plants and Fresh Flower Arrangements

Only top quality plants in excellent condition and the freshest flowers will attract the greatest attention. In a split second initial glance the consumer can be drawn in or turned away. Making creative and exciting displays can draw consumers in, but if the flowers and plants are not acceptable they will not make a purchase. Quality is number one.

Situate Floral Displays Where The Can be Seen

Position the floral displays so that everyone that enters knows it’s there. The consumers might not like what they immediately see but often it stimulates the shopper to look further for something that does appeal to their taste. If they don’t see it, they won’t buy it.

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Types of Flowers

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