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Proflora Colombia

Proflora Colombia

Proflora Colombia

Proflora Colombia or pro flowers in English is a three day floral showcase and exhibition held every other year in Bogota. The next pro flora flower trade show will be held in October of 2017. Waiting will be the dazzling magic of Colombian flowers. Colombia’s flower green houses are set in the high, sunny plateaus outside of its two largest cities, Bogota and Medellin.

Colombia Land of Flowers

Colombia Land of flowers as it is often known as, is the one of the largest producers of fresh cut flowers in the world, second only to Holland. Colombia is rich in flowers. Colombia is green and fertile and in this vast land of contrasting landscapes and eco climates over 50,000 species of flowers grow. The Bogota Savannah and certain regions of Antioquia are ideal sites for intensive floriculture. The Colombian flower industry maintains a privileged position in international markets. The flower industry has helped to strengthen the Colombian economy in rural areas by maintaining a stable working rural population.

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