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Ornamental Plants: Orchids

Ornamental Plants Orchids

Ornamental Plants Orchids

Ornamental Plants Orchids. Orchids are a flowering plant species. Their proper name is Orchidaceae. Orchids have a mystical look about them that sets them apart from all other flowers.

Orchids grow best in locations with full sun. Potted orchids. Orchid flowers are special. They are sophisticated and elegant. Their beauty transcends everything. They are considered the most highly evolved of all flowering plants. Orchids are stunning.

Orchids are highly addictive. The orchid family is the largest flowering plant family on earth with about 30,000 species. You can never have just one. There is always that special orchid variety that everyone covets.

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Growing Orchids

Orchid are easy to grow provided they are given the right conditions. There are many techniques for growing orchids but all of them need several things.

  • Light
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Air
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Types of Orchids


With phalaenopsis there are an infinite variety of hybrids to choose from in many very nice colors. Classics varieties of phalaenopsis include the standard whites, white with a colored lip (usually red), pinks, and various patterned flowers (white with spots, pinks with spots, stripes, all sorts of cool things). Some newer hybrids have been bred in very nice yellows, with or without markings. There are also multifloral types of phalaenopsis. These have lots of smaller flowers instead of a few large ones.


Doritaenopsis are similar to phalaenopsis orchids but have spikes that grow very erect, rather than arching like a typical phalaenopsis. A very nice variety of doritaenopsis is called Talitha Klehm.


Most paphiopedilum or paphs for short usually have three or more flowers on an inflorescence. Paphs also have multifloral varieties with lots of little flowers instead of a few big ones.


Phragmipedium or phrag for short, are some of the easiest orchid plants to grow. One popular variety of phrags is Sedenii.


Cattleya orchid plants are tricky to grow depending on your conditions. Some varieties of cattleya require more light than others and some are hard to get to flower. Cattleyas will do well in sunroom.


Vandas  have been hybridized extensively and are associated with ascocenda and ascocentrum. Vanda orchid plants like a great deal of light (but not direct sun). These types of orchids are usually grown in baskets or mounted such a way that their roots are exposed. Because of this they need watering on a daily basis in the hotter summer months, and semidaily in the cooler winter months.


Cymbidium orchid plants need a period of cool weather to thrive. To grow well they need good sunlight and the right proportions of food and water.

Types of Flowers

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Find Orchids

Use our network to find orchids from florists, wholesalers, or sustainable orchid flower farms.

Flower Types Orchids. Flowering plant species. How to plant, grow, and care for orchid flowers. They grow tall. Many different colors.

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