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Floral Innovation

Floral Innovation

Floral Innovation

The art of floral innovation is at its best when imaginative designers create unexpected displays of flower magic. Creative and innovative design concepts using fresh cut flowers is always the pinnacle of interior design.

Conceptual Flower Shop

Floral innovation by Lee Broom created a conceptual flower shop that featured fabulous floral displays. For many designers, it can be a challenge to find unique ways to display their products. This concept shop uses flowers to create stunning decorative displays.

The concept flower shop was opened during The London Design Festival and the purpose was to launch Broom’s new line of vases. The temporary shop featured the artist’s debut collection of vases surrounded by a stunning floral display. In total, the store was filled with over 4,000 flowers. The flowers were used to add a decorative touch to the store and help to enhance the beauty of Broom’s designs. Some of Broom’s vases were filled with beautiful bouquets, while others were left empty.

The concept shop demonstrates how flowers can be used in unique ways to enhance other products.

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