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European Floral Designs

European Floral Designs

European Floral Designs

European Floral Bouquet Designs filled with vibrantly colored flowers. This bouquet collection was inspired by spring European flower fields and ecologically and environmentally sustainable business practices.

Social and Environmental Standards

Since the 1990s, the focus on flower production has moved from markets in the northern hemisphere towards developing countries where climate conditions are more favorable and stable and where production and labour costs are much lower. As a result new areas of floral production in Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and Ethiopia are thriving.

The character of flower production (use of chemicals, labour, water) has made the sector susceptible to criticism about working conditions and its environmental impact. As a response, a large number of social and environmental standards has emerged, both the result of initiatives in the market and in producing countries. Growers in developing countries are increasingly confronted with the question what is the relevance of these standards for their business.

Flower Types

European floral designs and flower Types: Calla Lilies. Calla Lilies are a flowering plant species. Its proper name is Helianthus. Callas grow best in locations with full sun.

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Flower Types Calla Lilies. Flowering plant species. How to plant, grow, and care for calla lily flowers. Zantedeschia. They grow tall. Many different colors.

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