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Eco Flowers

Eco flowers are sustainably grown cut flowers and ornamental plants for floriculture. Globally the growing concern for the environment has seen more and more farms going green and producing certified ecoflowers in order to satisfy the emerging market for socially and environmentally responsible products. The worldwide rise in ecologically conscious consumers is increasing demand for fair trade flowers, eco plants, and organic bouquets, from eco farms focused on agroecology.

Effective and Sustainable Biosolutions

Horticulture keeps benefiting from effective and sustainable biosolutions, and from scientific advances in biotechnology and technological innovation in agriculture. Eco friendly flower growers that produce certified green eco flowers are demonstrating leadership in environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality performance.

Sustainable Agriculture and the Eco Farm Movement

Sustainable agriculture is a growing eco-farming movement, which addresses environmental and social concerns, and offers innovative and economically viable opportunities for growers, laborers, consumers, policymakers and many others within agribusiness. Sustainable agriculture and Eco flowers integrate environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. Sustainability rests on the principle that ecoflower farmers must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Eco Flowers - Organic Sustainable Farms

Eco Friendly Consumers

More and more consumers are going green and demand for eco friendly flower arrangements, ornamental plants, and organic gifts keeps growing. For floral retailers finding high quality organic flowers in large enough quantities is not that easy, so sourcing certified eco flowers from sustainable farms is another way of categorizing plant production that meets certain minimum standards, and can be considered good for the environment without damaging the earth’s ecosystem. Certified green ecolabels guarantee that Ecoflowers are ecologically responsible, good for the environment, and grown on eco-friendly sustainable farms.

Eco Flowers and the Ecological Footprint of Flower Farms

The ecological footprint is the impact of a person, community, or business on the environment. The environmental movement is focused on reversing the deterioration of planet earth from the man-made ecological footprint, and on insuring a healthy future for the planet. Eco flower and plant growers practice methods of sustainable agriculture that emphasize environmental stewardship and social responsibility in floriculture.

Most consumers only used to think flowers when the Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day holidays came along. But now that flower bouquets are a regular staple in grocery stores, supermarkets have begun insist on third party green label certified floral products. Mass market retailers source flowers from eco farms, guaranteeing that a fair price is paid to producers, and in turn that the farm laborers work in a safe environment, under healthy working conditions, and that the flower growers are using environmentally friendly practices.

Eco Farms are Going Green

Going green means to pursue knowledge and lifestyle practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. Choosing eco flowers or organic bouquets from certified eco farms is a way of going green. 

Eco Flowers and Plants

Eco Friendly Flowering Plants

Sustainable Eco Friendly Flowers

What are Eco Flowers

Eco Flowers are ecologically responsible, good for the environment, and grown on eco-friendly sustainable farms.

The Eco Friendly Environmental Movement

The eco friendly environmental movement is represented by a range of organizations, from large NGO’s to small grassroots efforts, and is focused on diverse scientific, social, and political issues which affect the environment. It is also known as the ecological or green movement. Environmentalists advocate for the sustainable management of natural resources and proper care of the earth’s environment, through changes in government policies and changes in public behavior. The environmental movement recognizes human participation in the ecosystems of life, and is centered on ecology, health, and human rights.

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

What are Eco Flowers?

Eco flowers are third-party certified flower brands grown on socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable farms. Green eco label certification means healthy, safe and fair working conditions, protection of soil and water resources, responsible agrochemical use, energy efficiency, climate impact reduction, ecosystem protection, product quality, community engagement, and much more.

Eco-Flowers are produced by independently audited flower growers to confirm that they meet the social and environmental standards set by the green labeling program. Third party independent professionals audit the participating eco farms on an annual basis to certify compliance. Flower farms must meet high environmental standards as well as operating as socially responsible employers. A few examples of  green eco label certifiers include: Fair Flowers Fair Plants, FlorEcuador, FlorVerde, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, ISO 14001, and KFC Code of Practice. 

Eco Standards

Eco Standards are the minimum benchmarks that flower growing farms must meet in order to qualify for  ecoflower green label certification.  Eco flower certification does represent organic flowers, and in most cases eco flowers  are not organically grown. Eco friendly flower Standards and Codes of Practice are set by and audited by non-profit non-governmental organizations which certify the flower growers and provide green eco labels. Green ecolabels focus on the social, environmental, and economically responsible standards and growing practices, and do not represent or certify organic flowers.

  • Socially Responsible
  • Environmentally Responsible 
  • Restricted Use of Pesticides
  • Disease Management
  • Protection of Surrounding Ecosystem
  • Environmental Impact
  • Sustainable Growing Practices
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Water Protection
  • Composting and Waste Management
  • ISO Organization for Standardization
  • Working Conditions
  • Employment Security
  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Safe Working Conditions 
  • Environmental Labels
  • Green Eco label Certification
  • Maternity Leave and Day Care Support
  • Medical and Social Support
  • No Child Labor

Certified Organic Flowers and Plants

Within agribusiness, the practice of organic horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture in soil building and conservation, pest management, and heirloom variety preservation. Certified organic grown flowers and plants reduce toxic chemical use, bring life back to the soil, are best for the environment, are safer to grow for farmers and farm workers, and promote the long-term sustainability of farmlands. Organic flowers are grown free of harmful chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides, and are better for the health of workers and the environment.

Eco Flowers and Sustainable Floriculture

With the continued growth of offshore flower production , the floriculture industry has grown susceptible to criticism about working conditions and environmental impact. The use and regulation of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, water use, and labor, have all come into scrutiny and the need for third party certification and verification gave birth to eco flowers. As a response to the emergence of a large number of social and environmental international standards, flower growers have begun to adopt best practices in sustainable floriculture.

Environmental Standards in the Flower Industry

Environmental Standards - Flower Industry

By building synergies, agroecology can support environmental standards in the flower industry.  Floral production can coexist with social wellbeing and  restoring the ecosystem and the biodiversity essential for sustainable agriculture.

Rapid Growth in Fair Trade Flowers

Rapid Growth in Fair Trade Flowers

Consumers care about being more socially and environmentally responsible. Whenever consumers can find high-quality organic flowers and certified sustainable flowers the become frequent shoppers and you can count on their  patronage.

Ethically Sourced Flowers from Developing Nations

Ethically Sourced Flowers from Developing Nations

More flowers are being grown offshore and to find ethically sourced flowers from developing nations it is important to rely on reputable green eco labels. Buying ecoflowers from growers working with third-party certifiers that ensure environmentally friendly practices.

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

An Agricultural Shift in Growing Flowers

A growing market for sustainable and organic flowers is causing an agricultural shift in how flower growers are producing and distributing fresh cut flowers around the globe. Growing eco flowers benefit and support local economies and environmental sustainability. Sustainable flower farming is based on an understanding of ecosystem relationships between organisms and their environment. By cultivating a farm to vase mindset, the locally and sustainably grown flower movement has been able to shift floriculture and introduce new eco friendly ways of growing flowers.

Cultivating a Farm to Vase Mindset

Cultivating a Farm to Vase Mindset

Cultivating a farm to vase mindset. Cultivating a Farm to Vase Mindset. F2V. American Grown. Local Seasonal and Sustainable Floral Design. Farmers Market. Eco Flowers. Fresh. Organic. Slow Flowers is an award-winning online directory to help you find florists, studio designers, wedding and event planners, supermarket flower departments and flower farmers who are committed to using American grown flowers.

Sustainable Flower Farming

Sustainable Flower Farming

The sustainable flower market is growing. According to the USDA, the number of small flower farms has increased by about 20 percent during the past five years. As of the 2012 census, there were nearly 6,000 flower farms across the country. Sustainable Flower Farming. Eco Flowers. Local Seasonal Farms. Organic Plants. Socially Environmentally Responsible. Green Floriculture. Making a conscious choice.

Local and Sustainably Grown Flower Movement

Locally Grown Fresh Cut Flowers

The movement towards locally grown fresh cut flowers, similar to the farm to table movement with organic food farms, begins with a revival of small domestic flower growers. The philosophy behind the growing movement of localizing the flower industry are local, sustainable and slow flowers. Domestically and homegrown flowers support the local economy and local agricultural communities. Local Flower Movement. American Grown Flowers and The British Collective. Seasonal. Florists who guarantee origin. Homegrown.

Sustainable Flowers

Sustainable flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. From organic bouquets to eco friendly and organic floral arrangements, sustainable flowers are grown following stringent environmentally friendly practices which are audited and certified by third party green ecolabel providers. Organic bouquets from sustainable flower farms help improve the life of flower farm workers, their families and their local floral communities. Eco-friendly flowers include roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, gerbera daisies, lilies, hyacinths, sunflowers, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, iris, carnations, and many other types of flowers.

Social Responsibility and Eco Bouquets

Social Responsibility and Eco Bouquets

Sierra Eco club In order to contribute to a better sustainable future for generations to come. Commitment to buying flowers from certified sustainable farms that are environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible.

Eco Friendly Flowers and Floristry

Eco Friendly Flowers and Floristry

A selection of eco friendly flowers from a collective of sustainable farms. Eco Friendly Flowers and Floristry. Eco Florist. Organic Floral Designs. Arrangements. Centerpieces. Sustainable Flowers Greens and Foliage.

Eco Wedding Flowers

Eco Wedding Flowers - Organic Bridal Bouquet

Eco wedding flowers. Offering sustainable eco-friendly recyclable custom-made wood and paper flowers for weddings, including boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages.

Britannia Flowers and Bretannia Farms

Eco Labels and Green Stickers

Eco-labels and Green Stickers are labeling systems for food and floral consumer products. Ecolabels are voluntary, but green stickers are mandated by law. Eco labels are a form of sustainability measurement directed at consumers, intended to make it easy to take environmental concerns into account when shopping. Green labels assert compliance with a set of practices or minimum requirements for sustainability or reduction of harm to the environment. Many ecolabels are focused on minimising the negative ecological impacts of primary farming production or resource extraction in a given sector or commodity through a set of good practices that are captured in a sustainability standard. Through a verification process, usually referred to as “certification”, farmers are able to differentiate their flowers.

Sustainable Flower Farm Certification

Eco Labels and Green Stickers

Products are certified and referred to as Environmentally Friendly, Environment Friendly, Eco Friendly, Nature Friendly, and Green. Goods and services under laws, guidelines, policies, inflict reduced or no harm to ecosystem or environment. Specific certifications and ecolabels are used by companies to promote goods and services.

Find the Best Eco Flower Farms

Find the Best Eco Flower Farms

WE BELIEVE FLOWERS SHOULD BE GROWN WITH RESPECT FOR PEOPLE, NATURE AND POLLINATORS! Help reduce systemic insecticide use and support organic farming, beautify your community with gorgeous organic flowers and teach environmental awareness to your children-a win, win! With our Eco Flower Fundraising program you sell organically grown bulbs, a high quality pesticide free alternative to chemically grown flower bulbs.

Floriculture Green Eco Labels 

Floriculture Green Eco Labels

Everything from education to housing to general improvements in the quality of life for farm workers. Stewardship of the land when it comes to flower farming. Sustainable practices for growing breathtaking flowers. Knowledge of the domestic origin of the flowers being brought home or given as gifts.

Green Eco Labels for Flowers and Plants

Eco-Labels and Green Stickers

Label trust is an issue for consumers because as manufacturers and manufacturing associations have set up “rubber stamp” labels to greenwash their products with fake ecolabels. High trust levels can be created when ecolabels apply for Governmental recognition as formal Certification Marks [recognized by logos or names with ‘CTM’, CM or ‘CertTM’]. Typically this means schemes approved as a Certification Mark, have had the Government Department responsible declare that the scheme has a standard and certifies that they are ‘Competent to Certify’. The highest trust levels would be a government recognized certification mark that was also compliant with key ISO standards especially ISO 14024- Type 1 Ecolabels that undertake ISO 14040 compliant life cycle analysis as part of their assessment.

Eco Flowers. Plants. Sustainable eco friendly farms. Organic Bouquet. Ecological Footprint. Fair Trade Labels. Certified Green. Recycle. Environment. Grow.

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