Flower Art Inspiration: Roses

Art Inspiration with Roses

Art Inspiration Roses. Flowers and exotic roses influence design trends and fashion. Are you looking for some design inspiration with flowers and roses? Event Design Inspiration ™ Flower-grower.com offers endless tips, ideas, and photos to help you get inspired for your next event. Event design inspiration with flowers and roses from the best of

Processing Roses

Fresh Cut Roses

Processing Roses Processing roses is important because growing flowers is an art, and no matter how good your blooms are before cutting, if you don't follow proper post-harvest techniques and handling procedures, then the beautiful quality of that freshly cut rose will never get enjoyed by the consumer. Storage and distribution are also important when processing roses. Goals: Improve

Greenhouse Roses

Greenhouse Roses

Greenhouse Roses Greenhouse roses, not roses grown outdoors are the flowers you find for sale as fresh cut flowers at your local florist shop or cash and carry retailer. Greenhouse produced roses are more environmentally sustainable as they need fewer chemicals. And spraying fewer chemicals often translates into a boost in the

Flower Types: Roses

Rosa | Rose

Flower Types Roses Flower Types Roses. Also known as Rosa. A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family Rosaceae, or the flower it bears. There are over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars. About Roses How to plant, grow, and care for roses. Grandiflora. Floribunda. Climbing

Scissors Floral Innovation

Scissors | Floral Innovation

Scissors Floral Innovation Scissors Floral Innovation. A pair of scissors with a dramatically offset blade is a must for any floral designer. gWhen your garden is in peak bloom you will be ready to pick, cut, and design a lovely flower bouquet. For people who might not make the trip into floral, placing floral