Innovative Flower Bouquets

BOUQUETS Fresh cut flower bouquets have become one of the floral industry's top products, as consumer trends have evolved from flowers being a once or twice a year gift giving experience, to more personal weekly cash and carry purchases. What is a Bouquet? A flower bouquet is a collection of flowers in a creative arrangement. Flower bouquets can

Floral Bouquets

Floral Bouquet Making Technology

Floral Bouquets Field innovation aims to curb labor costs in floral bouquet making. Most people don't give two thoughts to where the average cash and carry bouquet comes from. With horticulture becoming a more and more cut throat business worldwide the ability for flower growers and bouquet makers to compete is very

European Floral Designs

European Floral Designs

European Floral Designs European Floral Bouquet Designs filled with vibrantly colored flowers. This bouquet collection was inspired by spring European flower fields and ecologically and environmentally sustainable business practices. Social and Environmental Standards Since the 1990s, the focus on flower production has moved from markets in the northern hemisphere towards developing countries where climate conditions