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Flower Bouquets


Fresh cut flower bouquets have become one of the floral industry’s top products, as consumer trends have evolved from flowers being a once or twice a year gift giving experience, to more personal weekly cash and carry purchases.

What is a Bouquet?

A flower bouquet is a collection of flowers in a creative arrangement. Flower bouquets can be arranged for the decor of homes or public places, or may be handheld. A handheld bouquet is classified by several different popular shapes and styles, including nosegay, crescent, and cascading bouquets. Bouquets offer a wide range of cut flowers and foliages in an elegant wrap. A hand tied bouquet of flowers is also very elegant. Consumers can choose from all kinds of varieties of fresh cut flowers.

Special Occasions

A flower bouquet is often given for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. They are also used extensively in weddings. A bouquet can be arranged in vases or planter for home decor and can be arranged in either traditional or modern styles. Symbolism may be attached to the types of flowers used, according to the culture.

Cash and Carry Bouquet

A cash and carry bouquet is an arrangement of flowers ready bunched and wrapped that are often found at grocery stores, convenience markets, retail florists, and in supermarkets.

Innovative Flower Bouquets

A simple bouquet of flowers from your garden makes a lovely centerpiece for your table or a nice hostess gift when you are a guest. Innovative flower bouquets are the trend.

Grocery Store Flowers

Grocery store flowers have evolved both in style and in freshness. Supermarket bouquets are for the most part farm made.

Flower Types

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