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Alstroemeria are a species of beautiful flowering plants. Peruvian Lily flowers flaunt a classic, sophisticated, and elegant look. They bloom in clusters of flowers that resemble minute lilies. They have pretty petals and come in endless varieties. Alstroemerias grow in a hue of flower colors from vivid purples to creamy whites to exotic apricots. Perfect for any occasion, alstroemeria flowers are the embodiment of high couture floral design. They are the ultimate style statement in wedding flower decor, and their blossoms have become the inspiration of elegant flower delivery service.

Alstroemerias are emotions and a means of expressing love, appreciation, celebrations, and sometimes even our sympathy.
Thankfully, fresh cut alstroemerias are an everyday luxurious indulgence that everyone can afford.

Alstroemerias bring happiness and always lift the mood. Get yourself a bouquet of alstroemeria flowers today. Better yet why not send Peruvian lilies and make someone smile. You don’t really need a special occasion… “just because”… that’s a good enough reason.

Life’s most inspiring and unforgettable moments are always filled with alstroemerias.™

Types of Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria Bouquet

All About Alstroemeria Flowers

If you want to learn all about alstroemeria flowers you have come to the right place. These magnificent flowering plants are delight to grow and care for. Flower-Grower ® is dedicated to cataloging under hundreds of resource pages the different varieties of these magnificent alstro flowers. You can also learn more and even contribute your knowledge when you join the conversations in our alstroemeria forums. Our forums are filled with pro flower growers, florists, plant breeders, and regular flower garden enthusiasts from around the world who are happy to contribute their know-how, give tips, and share insights.

Alstroemeria plants grow long and showy flowers with large colorful clusters. Peruvian lilies grow in flower heads most often at the ends of the stems. Alstroemerias have become popular ornamental plants and are grown for their beautiful flowers, with aurantiaca being by far the most widely grown cultivar. Taxonomy and Nomenclature. Care and culture, propagation, pests and diseases, flower potpourri, and flower breeding. Find a Alstroemeria Society and study and learn about the genus, its species and cultivars, as well as its culture, habits, hardiness, and performance. The flower blooms are lovely with a high density of  florets interspersed throughout the large inflouresense to create a much bigger appearance.

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Where Can I Find Alstroemerias

Alstroemerias can be found for sale as fresh cut flowers at your local florist or retail flower shop. You will also find flowering ornamental potted alstro plants in grocery stores and DIY centers. Also other varieties of Peruvian Lilies are often in stock at your local plant nursery or garden center. Bulk alstroemerias can be found at regional wholesale flower distributor, farmers market, or direct from an alstroemeria farm. Seasonal availability.

Buying or receiving alstroemerias triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, brings smiles to people, and affects social behavior in a positive manner. Peruvian lily blooms are symbolic with love, romance, special occasions. Always look to buy the best blooms from top sustainable growers. Send a fresh cut flower arrangement today and make someone smile.

Types of Alstroemerias

Species and Varieties of Alstroemerias. Types of Alstroemerias:

  • Aurea – Lily of the Incas
  • Aurantiaca – Peruvian Lily or Alstro Princess Lily
  • Caryophyllacea – Brazilian Lily
  • Haemantha – Purple Spot Parrot Lily
  • Ligtu – Lily of the Nile
  • Psittacina – Lily of the Incas, White Edged Peruvian Lily
  • Pulchella – Parrot Lily, Parrot Flower, Red Parrot Beak, New Zealand Christmas Bell

Quality and Selection of Alstroemerias

to achieve alstroemeria perfection a strict quality and selection process must be followed: Fancy. Select. Premium. Extra. Butterfly. Perfection.

Colors of Alstroemeria

Colors of Alstroemerias: White, Bronze, Antique Red, Lemon Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Blue, Raspberry, Tinted, and Painted.

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